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I'm Alive Again!

So, three years ago, I had a brain injury. At the time, I could only use my fingers, not my arms or legs. Also, I could only say "fu**" and "love." This is called "aphasia." I had to re-learn both how to use my body and how to say/write the whole language of English. The first problem got better much faster then re-learning English again. Re-learning English will probably be one of the hardest things I will ever do. The hardest part of my first years was that I used to be a writer. Without that ability, I really wasn't sure who I was. My family and my friends told me that I was a very, very good writer.

Now, I am a writer again, finally. I'm a writer for three magazines so far, and I am trying to work with more magazines all the time. Nobody would even know that I have a brain injury as a writer, at least not anymore. People really like my articles. Some of the articles are about having a brain injury and how I live with it, and other articles aren't about me at all. I never thought that I would be a journalist, but I guess that I am a little bit like a journalist. I can't say that I am a real journalist because I have friends who are real journalists, but I can say that I am like a journalist, LOL.

Anyway, thanks so much for looking at my new website. I was so happy that I could still make websites. A lot of my abilities from before my brain injury are still in my mind, somewhere. I just have to use them, you know? You will see things that I made before my brain injury and things that I've made after my brain injury. I am really hoping that this will become work again.

Please never feel sad for me, because I don't feel sad for myself. If anything, having this brain injury has made me even stronger. If I could re-learn English, sword swallowing, contortionist, photography, music and my voice, and basically being a very creative person again, then that isn't anything that I can't do. So have a good time, learning and hopefully liking my books, articles, photography, contortionist/sword swallowing photos, and my music, which you can get on Itunes, Spotify, and Amazon. All of these things were real work, but I love doing complicated and difficult things, and I have always been like that! Bye for now!

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