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People with Mental Disabilities and Making Extra Money

Mental Disabilities, Money, and the Future

I have been working on myself for 6 years after my brain injury. I have been relearning every skill that makes me who I am, including contortionist, sword swallower, and writing. I have also been learning new skills, like being a resume writer. While we could say that resume writing as a part of being a writer which is a skill that I used to have, we would also say that I wasn’t ever a resume writer.

It takes time to making a mental disability blog, just like how it takes time to relearn using a camera. I need time to do all of these things, but it would be nice if I could also get some money. Throughout my 6 years, I have always wanted to get away from my government deposits each month. I think that this started because it made me feel weaker. A part of this might have been because I wasn’t very aware of just how much my mental disability was going to change my life.

When I am talking about time, I know that I will always get stronger, both emotionally and logically, throughout my life, so it isn’t as though I can give you or anybody else a time in which I am done. A part of this journey will be eventually the time in which I will not need payments from the government. I would love it if my mental disability blogs would be a part of the money I would get in the future.

Last year was the first time after 5 years of working on myself when I actually worked. After relearning the entire language of English, I was finally able to working as a writer again, a part of me I couldn’t live without. I will always be very thankful that I don’t have to live without this skill, and I instead did the work to get this skill back.

Still, my work as a resume writer is very much part-time work. It would be insane to think that I would go from 5 years without working to full-time work, and this would give me so much anxiety that I probably couldn’t be able to work, at least not very well.

So, this year, I told myself that I would learn about investing. I am learning this skill because it would take a lot of the stress of feeling like I need to get full-time work right now. It means that I can take time to write a mental disability blog instead of only thinking about my work, being a resume writer, as though this is the only thing that matters because money is the only thing that matters. I see nothing that is healthy about that kind of thinking.

I learned a bit with my husband, Joshua, in the last months while he was learning about Stocks and Options. Stocks seemed very stressful, especially with the idea that if you click RIGHT NOW, then you win, but if you do it tomorrow, everything might be different. I felt like the stocks are always fighting, clashing, and I was supposed to see the one second that was the most useful second for what I wanted, which would money. As a person with a brain injury and with OCD, I need less stress. I am naturally full of stress. Mental stress can make your entire live different if you don’t learn how to manage your emotions. We will talk more about this in a future blog.

After learning a bit about Stocks, I got a lot more interested in P2P, also known as peer-to-peer. This is when a person needs a loan, and you, the other peer, give that loan. You are giving this loan and asking for annual percentage rate (APR) as well as the main loan amount you gave this person.

If a John needed a $5,000 and I gave John the $5,000. John said that he would give me the $5,000, plus an extra rate of 6% of that $5,000, in 30 days. After 30 days, John gives me back the $5,000 plus $300, which is the 6% rate. This seems like less mental stress than stocks, so I am trying P2P now.

I just started today to invest with I only invested $100, just so I could see what would happen. In 30 days, I am supposed to get the $100 plus a 18% rate, which would be $18. While this is nice, pleasure to know that this percentage, 18%, is for people who are trying with My Constant, for the first time. It seems like after this, a lot of my invested loans will be closer to 7-8%, though it changes.

One thing that I like about My Constant is that they have said that if, for any reason, the person can’t give me the loan back, they will give me that loan back, so I will never lose money. Though I will only get $18 from this $100, it is quite nice to know that after giving the loan, I just want and seeing the investment coming back with the rate and the loan payment.

Again, as a person who typically has plenty of mental stress, it is to not feel as though my investment is always fighting me. My Joshua and I are both learning more about different P2P apps. If I do this correctly, then I can work as a resume writer, SEO planner/writer, and using that money for investments so that I will eventually (sooner than later) tell the government that I don’t need anymore of their help.

Still, I have a lot more to learn about P2P loans and I have to know that my mental disability might make this harder, which isn’t saying that I can’t do this! The whole reason I am talking about this in my mental disability blog is that I want to show people who have mental disabilities ways to make their lives better. Please email me with any questions you might have!


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