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As I have been thinking more and more why I wanted to be a writer when I was younger, I see that it was the control that was a big part of why I wanted to become a writer. You see, writing asks you to think before you say anything. It is about knowing why a certain word actually says more than another synonyms. You see how these exact words change people's reaction to the thought you are showing.


It seems very simple when I say it this way, but sometimes it is the simplest thoughts that we don't remember. I am not saying that this skill is for everybody, but I am saying that I couldn't live without this skill. This is why I worked after my brain injury, on my aphasia, and relearned the entire language of English. I couldn't live without being a working writer. Now, I am a resume writer, and I love I can help people who also needed help in their own ways. Let's get stronger and more capable. Let's care about potential.


I had a lot of mental stress during my brain injury, but with my husband, Joshua, I have been able to look at myself in a healthier way.

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