I have four certifications now. My first certification is for resume writing. The second certification is for LinkedIn profiles. The third is for Google Trends, which is one of how I learn the strongest keywords for your resume and LinkedIn profile, and the fourth certification is a class for resumes and LinkedIn that has actually said more than any other course I have done. Now, I am 100% ready to help you, because I have learned both how to write (brevity and clarity) and how to use keywords to make both ATS software (which is a software that reads your resume and shows HR employees all of the keywords in your resume) and how to use keywords in your LinkedIn profile. I will give you quite a bit while we are working with each other. I will provide you with two designs of your resume. The first design is a simple but very professional design that is for ATS software because this software doesn't read intricate designs very well at all. The second design is for you to take with you when you are in an interview. If you got an interview, this means that people will be reading your resume instead of using the software. I will also give you images that show how many people have been searching for different keywords and a pie chart that shows you how many keywords I used if your resume and how much I used each keyword. Also, as soon as we start working with each, I will give you a .doc that will have 15 things you have to do in LinkedIn after we are done with each other. Remember that getting a job is a full-time job, so you will want to use this document to make sure that you are doing everything right in LinkedIn. Please know that we are going to talk with each other throughout your resume and LinkedIn. If you can reply to my questions and emails faster, this means that we can be done more quickly. Please know that you are the boss, and if you have a question or want to know why I did something in the way that I did it, I will always tell you. If you don't like something that I wrote, let's change it until both of us feel like these the words that say what you need to say. Now, let's start this work!