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If you have read any of my other blogs, you know I like to say marvelous things about the marvelous people who help me with my work. I just started writing articles for Medium: Christopher Erle – Medium. These articles are about resumes and LinkedIn, two things that I know a lot about as a resume writer. I have been working with a small company that owns a website that analytically shows you the relationship between your resume and the job information for a job you are interested in applying for. Here is the website I work for: Software Sales Representative - Magicstar Arrow Inc (

Now, while starting uploading articles in Medium, I thought that the only way to get readers and likes would be by using a promoter. I have a pleasant history with Fiverr promoters, so I started working with this promoter: well_recorde | Content Marketing | Fiverr

I only have pleasant things to say about this promoter! He was quick. It took him hours and he would give me hundreds of claps (which are likes, basically). He also gave me followers. I now have 105 followers, so I have readers who will naturally know all of my other articles in the future. We are talking about $20 to get this kind of work, so if you are writing in Medium, please talk with this promoter because he will give you everything you need.

I am going to keep working with him, probably for every article I make. Why change something that totally works?!

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