I am finally an SEO writer again!

For three years, I have wanted to go back to working as an SEO writer. I do believe that working as an SEO writer would really help my writing ability and my reading ability. Anything that needs writing is very good for my aphasia.

Well, I am finally working as an SEO writer for this business: http://business360success.com/ , and I'm so happy that this is happening! As I am doing this, I am also reading book(s) about SEO to make sure that I am doing this right. This business was made in WordPress, so I am reading a book right now called "WordPress SEO 2017." As a user of Wix, I which that Wix had a book about SEO, and I even emailed them about this idea. We will see if they use my idea or not.

For many years, I was a writer for SEO in many different companies, both in Las Vegas and in Atlanta. If I ever need any work, like when I am finally not living with my Dad and Mum, I should always have work as an SEO writer. There is always work for an SEO writer, and that's very good to know!

I'm not even done with half of my work with business360success.com, but I am starting. I will tell you how much my work as an SEO writer helps this company. This company is a network group for small companies in Las Vegas. I've been to this network group two times so far, and they really have great things to talk about. I believe that if any of you have small companies, you really should try this group, because they will help your company, differently!

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