More work as a photographer and a writer!

So, I was told that I might be working for a woman who is going to be married next year. Unfortunately, this didn't happen. She had to use another photographer because he works with her and she didn't want to make him feel like he wasn't good enough. I get that, though. She has to work with him each day. Still, I'm starting to get other gigs, both as a writer and a photographer!

This is all the I have wanted for three years. It's finally happening. I need work more then anything else. I'm finally feeling more confident, both as a writer and as a photographer. I have made five advertisements so far, and they are just getting better and better all the time.

I started to go to network groups in Las Vegas, and they are actually helping me by talking with companies who need writers and photographers. I am, right now, working as an SEO writer for the main person who makes this network group work. I love this, because I read and wanted to go back to working as an SEO writer. I think that this will be very good for my aphasia.

Another one of the people in the network group wants to use me as a photographer. I can't wait for this, because I just got an incredible lens and I can't wait to use it! I had to get this lens for my class, but I would LOVE to use this lens for work. I just got this lens today, and WOW. It does things that I couldn't believe it could do.

I need to work and work more. This is the only thing that I really care about in my life, and it is finally happening!

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