Let's Talk about Anxiety

In my first year, after my brain injury, I wasn't having any anxiety. At the time, I was relearn cities, states, and even countries. I was relearn how to use my body. At the time, I could only use my fingers, but eventually, I could walk and use my arms again. My first year wasn't about anxiety, but the second year was very different.

In the second year, I was finally able to write and read a little, and eventually, quite a lot of writing and reading. The idea of getting my abilities back made me very anxious. I felt like I had to get all of my abilities back, all at the same time. Of course, this doesn't work at all.

After about a month of thinking of all of my abilities all at the same time, I knew that the only way that I could get all of my abilities back was if I just worked on one skill and then go to a next skill after I am feeling stronger with the last skill. Still, my anxiety was distressing and truly awful.

Eventually, I talked with a psychiatrist, and he gave me some pills that helped me. The pill is called lorazepam. It helped me, but I still had anxiety. You see, pill's will never do everything, especially when your problems are in your mind. You have to learn new ways to think, feel, and to believe in yourself the whole time.

So, I started, a week ago, learning about what anxiety is and why I might have anxiety. Using, Gaia.com, I learned that a lot of our anxiety isn't about how we think about ourselves, but rather it is about how other people think about us. It is all about our status. It's all about thinking about ourselves the same way that other people see us. As soon as I watched this video, I completely got that yes, I was doing that.

I have always been the kind of person who needed to be the strongest, biggest, the most important, valuable, powerful, and considerable. This is why, when I was 16, I was done with high school and went to college. This is why I made music and made sure that people could get my music in Amazon, Itunes, and Spotify. I made sure that my first book was in Amazon, so that anybody who wanted the book could get it. The other thing that I did was to tell everybody and anybody about what I've done and how fascinating I am as a human. I needed this all the time and without it, I didn't know who I was. This is why I was having problems with anxiety. At least I finally knew why I was feeling like this. It took two years, but now I know that this anxiety is all about me feeling like I am less in the status world then I should be. That I want everybody to think of me as the most amazing person again.

Now, let's think about another way to help your anxiety. I have just started doing this, and it is really helping me. What I am talking about is Yoga. Now, there are two kinds of Yoga. There is the kind of Yoga that is almost a cult, where they actually try to change you into what they believe is better. This is why I am using the word "cult." The second kind of Yoga is much better. In this Yoga, they are not interested in change you. They just want to help you by giving you ways that make both your body and mind better. Who you are doesn't mean as much. It's about what you can do. I have been using a video from Gaia.com. It takes 33 minutes, which is not very much of my time, and it really helps my anxiety. It is made for people with anxiety, and it is a way to help with your anxiety. It uses different parts of your body, and though it isn't really an exercise, it is a little bit like an exercise, in that you do different things when you are told to do them. This Yoga is helping me very much, and I want you to know about this way to help your anxiety.

I'm so happy that I am finally learning ways to actually help my anxiety. The pill's don't do that. The pills just help my anxiety but don't help my mind. The problem is in my mind, and I have to learn why I have this anxiety to be able to change that. I would love it if reading this anxiety blog helps anybody!

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