I'm a Contortionist Again!

Before my brain injury, I was a contortionist. I was also a sword swallowing as well as a suspension performer. The hardest of all of those three kinds of performing was differently contortionist. It took a very long time to learn how to use my muscles in those ways. I started to learn how to be a contortionist when I was still a teenager. My teacher was Otgo, who is an incredible performer and is one of the best contortionist that I know. So that was when I was young, and everything is easier when you are young. Now, I am 29, and to relearn how to be a contortionist is much, much harder. Still did it! It took months and months to get these abilities back.

At first, it was a little bit hard for me to even stretch my back, in anyway, but I kept doing it until it got easier and more natural. Eventually, I could get my feet on my head while I was doing a handstand. I was very worried the first time, because I thought that if I hurt myself, then I will never try this again!

The idea of not being a contortionist made me very frantic and bitter. I have to be a contortionist. I have to get all of my abilities back. To be happy, I have to be a contortionist, sword swallowing, suspensions, photography, music maker, and a writer. I need all of these skills, and I am getting all of them back. The only skill that I have not tried is the suspension, and I will do it eventually.

I can finally do this again:

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