New Work for me! I'm working with people with Parkinson's Disease!

I just started to work for this group I am their new photographer and writer. It feels superb to work and to work for people who really need the help. I'm so delighted to work with these people.

Yesterday, I was at Cashman Field with a group of people, all of which were there for and with Parkinson's Disease. We were all there at a baseball program. Our baseball, from Las Vegas, is called The 51's, and even though I don't care at all about baseball or really any sport, it was still nice to work as a photographer and, hopefully, as a writer.

My idea for my first article is about how people with Parkinson's Disease shouldn't leave completely in their home. They should go out and talk with people. Be in the world and learn things about people that you might know or never knew until today. I think that this is going to be a very powerful and sharp article. They need to know that they are not dead and that they shouldn't live like they are dead. They should still really live!

I have to talk with some more people, both people with Parkinson's Disease and those who help them, like nurses and occupation therapists, people like that. I need to know more about what they are feeling like and how this article might help them!

Thanks for reading this, and hopefully my article is going to be a winner!

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