I Had a Great Idea, So I Wrote A Script!

So, before my brain injury, I was a creative writer/photographer for advertisements. I loved the work because I was always doing something different. One day I might have been writing a script for Dixie, and the next day I was making some photos for Nestle. Every day was a new, diverse list of things to do and to think about. Advertisements and me, Chris Twist, loved each other quite a lot, actually. This is why I want to go back to working as a creative writer/photographer in the advertisement world. I want to go back to ADS!

After my brain injury, I couldn't read/write/say anything, but eventually, I was able to do all of these things again. As soon as I was able to write again, I was thinking about Ads all the time. When I was watching television, I was learning about what works and doesn't work from each advertisement, like an AD from Credit Karma. I looked at Credit Karma and thought about how I could make each of their advertisements better then they are right now.

So I started to write, write, and write even more. My ideas got more forceful as I kept working. Eventually, I started to make advertisements that were really quite robust and substantial. I felt like I was finally ready to give some of these ideas to the companies that I wrote about/for. It made me so happy, to know that I still had the same creative mind that I used to have.

The best advertisement that I have made so far is for Verizon. Spirit has been saying some rough things about Verizon and how their 1% means nothing to anybody, so I thought about how to make that 1% mean something. I wrote and wrote until I finally had something that I thought was very powerful. Eventually, I gave the script to my smartest friends so see how they would think about this script. From them, I learned about what works and didn't work, and so I changed the script again. After changing my script one more time, I then used Grammarly to help me with the grammar of my script, just to make sure that it is as strong as it could be. As a person who is re-learning the entire language of English, I am very happy that there are things like Grammarly to help me. It makes my work just as strong as anybody else, people who don’t have brain injuries!

Now, I am trying to give this script to Verizon. I have been emailing/messaging people in Linkin and trying to email anybody who has an email for Verizon. If anybody of you, the readers, know somebody who works on Verizon, please tell me. I really think that this AD could become the first time in three years for me to work again. I don’t really care very much about how much money I would get for this script. Any money would make me incredibly happy. It’s the feeling of knowing that I made something so bright and bold that it is good enough for work, real work for real money. Again, if you know anybody who works on Verizon, you would be helping me more than I can tell you in this blog.

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