I am finally an SEO writer again!

For three years, I have wanted to go back to working as an SEO writer. I do believe that working as an SEO writer would really help my writing ability and my reading ability. Anything that needs writing is very good for my aphasia. Well, I am finally working as an SEO writer for this business: http://business360success.com/ , and I'm so happy that this is happening! As I am doing this, I am also reading book(s) about SEO to make sure that I am doing this right. This business was made in WordPress, so I am reading a book right now called "WordPress SEO 2017." As a user of Wix, I which that Wix had a book about SEO, and I even emailed them about this idea. We will see if they use my idea or no

More work as a photographer and a writer!

So, I was told that I might be working for a woman who is going to be married next year. Unfortunately, this didn't happen. She had to use another photographer because he works with her and she didn't want to make him feel like he wasn't good enough. I get that, though. She has to work with him each day. Still, I'm starting to get other gigs, both as a writer and a photographer! This is all the I have wanted for three years. It's finally happening. I need work more then anything else. I'm finally feeling more confident, both as a writer and as a photographer. I have made five advertisements so far, and they are just getting better and better all the time. I started to go to network groups in

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